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Sundance is a 14.1 hand four year old gelding,  He has a good temperament and a sweet personality.  He is easy to handle on the ground and in the saddle.  His wiliness to please and easy ambling gait is a match for any type of riding or competition.


Don't miss this opportunity to own a horse that will give you many years of enjoyment.

H.T. Derickson 859-940-8254 or

e-mail sales@vanbertfarms.com



6663Contact H.T. Derickson 859-940-8254

or e-mail: sales@vanbertfarms.com for more information .n YOU have to see this new video.  The child holding Melody in the photo to the right was visiting the farm about 3 weeks ago. The first video above the photo and the photo were taken then. This was his first time he had ever ridden this mare. He came back yesterday 8/2/17 before he went back to school (2nd grade) and H.T. was riding Melody. Dawson was ask if he wanted to rider her again.  You will not believe how sweet and docile this mare is.  Please watch! 

John's Night Melody


"Melody" is a six year registered TWHBEA black mare. This beautiful mare 15. had mare has an excellent gait, temperament and sweet personality.  Melody has been trail ridden and does a great job negotiating obstacles on and off the trail. She has no vices or health issues. Melody is easy to ride and is suitable for the beginner to experience rider. This is a horse for all family and friends to ride that come to visit as well. She knows no stranger. 



Johns Night Melody

Pushy Persistant Lady is a registered TWHBEA 9 year old Tobiano mare.  Her date of birth is May 11, 2009. Her sire is Pusher's Coat of Color and her dam is Patches Elegant Lady. 


Pushy Persistant Lady has been ridden by all types of riders of all ages. She stands 15.1  with no vices! She has a great gait (see note at bottom of page)

and a sweet temperament. She will negotiate obstacles without hesitation! Please review the video of her below.


Pushy Persistant Lady is for sale at 3,500.00


Photos and video taken July 21 2017

A Note to viewers. This photo was taken by my three yr old grandson->

When a three yr old can catch a horse in this gait, then the horse is solid in their gait and I was driving the golf cart when he snapped the photo!
Just saying!!!!


Contact H.T. Derickson 859-940-8254

or e-mail: sales@vanbertfarms.com for more information

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Thank you for looking to Van Bert Farms for your pleasure horse. We love the "horse", we hope that we can help you find the horse of your dreams!