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Van Bert Farms is accepting horses to train for the competitive trail, the pleasure trail and for the show arena. Van Bert Farms has 57 years in the horse industry. Van Bert Farms is a complete equestrian horse training facility established in 1965, it is a family owned and operated facility that takes pride in the horses and trainers.   Whether you purchase one of our fine horses or bring us one of your own, our trainers will work to bring that horse to it's fullest potential.  Whether for the trail or the show arena our trainers ride year round, in all weather making sure your horse receives the best care and training in the industry. Van Bert Farms staff proven trainers of World and International Champions and Grand Champions, bringing decades of experience to the barn every day. All our trainers train for the trail, saddle seat, western show, pleasure driving, equitation, showmanship, trail obstacle competition, competitive trail and gaited dressage and are available for all levels. We train for your dreams!


Training Director

HT Derickson




H.T. has practically lived on a horse for all of his 80 years.  When talking with H.T. you will hear many stories of his youth that involved horses and friends that had horses.   From trips to the river for swimming and fishing, racing one of the first cars to come to Stanton, and then there are always the ones involving the show ring.  

H.T. has involved his entire family in some way with horses.  You will frequently hear H.T. say he has still not lived long enough to have learned all there is about horses and he is constantly reading, and working trying out new ways of communication from the rider to the horse, "I learn something about horses every time I ride another one". 

H.T. has won many championships in the gaited horse worlds, including the first ever Rea Swan award and then won this award again in 2011.  His name is well known to those who frequent the winners circle. However, his passion is trail riding.  H.T. and the 6 yr old stallion named Blue On Black were among the 100 finalist in the "America's Favorite Trail Horse Series", where 1000 riders auditioned. H.T. has a goal to ride all of the United States, and he has met a large portion of that goal even in Hawaii.  If you ask him where the nicest trail riding is, he will tell you, "right here in my back door, there are not any prettier trails anywhere that I have been, than the hills of Kentucky."


Equitation Specialist

Wilda Derickson



Wilda, a TWHBEA Adult Equitation World Grand Champion instructor has educated many adult and youth champions on both the Walking Horse and Mountain Horse show circuits.  Each year during the United Mountain Horse World Championship the Wilda Derickson Equitation Challenge trophy is awarded to the Youth Equitation Division winner. Wilda expects the best from her students and their horses.  She proves that riders are better horsemen and horses are better partners after lessons in equitation.

  Philosophy of Training






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A horse's training at Van Bert Farms starts shortly after birth with handling and exposure to different elements for several months.  Hands on work begins before a weanling leaves it's mother's side.   Van Bert Farms' trainers claimed the top five spots in the UMH Weanling division World trail obstacle obedience class. As yearlings and 2 year old, horses learn the cues on the ground which will prepare them for introduction to a saddle, bridle and rider.  If a Mountain Horse has been prepared correctly, starting them under saddle is usually a gentle process. A saddle is slowly introduced to the horse and then, when the horse is ready, a rider's weight and shift in the saddle is added.  A halter bridle is used initially, until the horse is comfortable with turning left and right, and has learned to start and stop with proper cues.  For further training of headset, a bit is introduced, but only after a qualified Equine Dentist has made sure there are no dental problems and wolf teeth are removed. After a horse has shown consistency in gait barefooted, he/she is shod by an experienced gaited horse farrier with keg shoes only.  No artificial training aids are used at anytime during the horse's training.  Many horses still in a halter-bridle and unshod will have very consistent, smooth and even gait. As with people horses have special talents.  After several months of training an evaluation may reveal that some horses are more suitable for the show ring and others more suitable for the trail.  Most Mountain Horses have the ability to be great at both. We believe our trainers give every horse,"it's best chance to be the best it can be".

 VAN BERT FARMS would appreciate the opportuity to help you find or train the horse that would best suit you!


Contact and Fee Information
Training and Boarding Fees

Ask for:

H.T. Derickson

or e-mail sales@vanbertfarms.com

Boarding with Training:    $700 per month

Boarding only :       $240 per month outside

                                    $350 per month in stall

Mare Care:    $9 per day outside

                            $15 per day in stall

                                                        (when available)



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