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Van Bert Farms archive video's and photo's

Just a few of our horses that have been sold.  Thank you to all of the clients that have purchase these horses

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By: Van Bert Rocky Mountain Horses, Kentucky Mountain Horses, Trail Horses for Sale

H.T. Derickson and Derick Tipton riding along with many outstanding riders during the World Champtionship!





VBF'S Sudden Sway  SOLD

VBF Hint of Glimmer- SOLD




Training at Van Bert Farms

Topanga SOLD




Mick Jagger undersaddle/obstacle course SOLD


Meritage New Venture   SOLD SOLD SOLD

Old Fitzgerald  SOLD

Platinum Dreams SOLD SOLD

The video below was taken the summer of 2011 when 13 year old Kaylee wanted a horse to go trail riding with a friend.  She went out into the pasture and brought Platinum Dreams to the barn, saddled and rode her for the first time.  Platinum had been out in the sun, so she is faded from the sun.  The above video was taken May 4, where Platinum has been up out of the sun, being trained for sale. you can see her dark chocolate color has returned!

Drops of Jupiter For Sale  SOLD

Triple S. Fancy Dress SOLD


Chocolate Dream For Sale SOLD



Van Bert Farms Hosting Rocky Mt, TWH, Draft, Paint,
Saddlebred, McCurdy Plantation and
Quarter Horses Obstacle Competition

Raindrop is a 5 year old mare that stands 14.3 hands. SOLD


My AntoniaSOLD



Bubalicios SOLD

CGH Majory Melody SOLD

June 2011
Van Bert Farms, Stanton, KY breeders of Rocky Mountain Horses.
Beginning a rocky mountain horse undersaddle, begins with good breeding. Van Bert Farms breeds for temperament and gait. The horses that go undersaddle at Van Bert Farms are taught to accept the rider and their surroundings. Willingness, gait and temperament is important with the breeding and training of the Rocky Mountain horses at VBF.

RHF Sweet Caroline, Rocky Mountain registered filly born December 7, 2010. Sire is Sweet Choco (Choco Dock colt) her dam is Fisher's Princess (Blue Mountain Rumbo filly). She is the one in the video with the snip and left hind foot. RHF Welcome to Paris, Rocky Mountain registered filly born October 28, 2010. Her sire is Sam I Am a (Sewell 's Sam colt) and her dam is Candy Kisses, a (Choco Dock filly) RHF Welcome to Paris is Red Chocolate. Both fillies were bred, born and raised at Van Bert Farms, Stanton, KY.

Grandson Stanley. Tipton, was able to spend some time with Tommie Turvey, the Equine Extremist. He was able to learn several techniques that Tommie uses in his training. Tommie kept this mare in training for a couple of months and taught her some of the tricks she is performing on this video. It is a neat video that shows the willingness, of the Mountain Horse breeds.

Van Bert Farms spends countless hours working with their young horses. This video will show you how Larry teaches, trust and patience by working with a weanling on the obstacles courses.


Note how Larry works with this weanling, gaining trust and developing a bond. Not loosing your cool and staying persistent in your request is the key.

This Rocky Mountain mare is the type of horse that will get you a blue at the show and ride the trails like a pro. This mare has the ability to come up in the bridle to "strut her stuff" and drop down and give a pleasurable ride on the trails. Mountain Horses will make you rethink your thoughts on that. Note the video below, how Triston is able to ask this mare to do different obstacles. This is the first time Triston has ever ridden this mare. No tricks to this mare, she is just good at what ever you ask.


Just a few sights and sounds that go with showing horses. Lots of hard work and rewards go into the training of the best Mountain Horses the breeds have to offer. Bring your horses to Van Bert Farms and come show with us.

High lights of the 2009 Spring Premier. Featuring the Trail Championship

UMH Kentucky State Championship 2009

Clips of the Kentucky State Championship.

Western Class of the Great Smoky Mountain Championship

This show was in White Pines, TN. The western class is provided as another venue to promote the ability of the Mountain Horses. This breed of horse is wonderful as a working horse and excels in their ability to use the hind quarters for turns and maneuverabilities. They really are the ATV :o)